Outdoor Display & Storage


Open Air Sales And Displays

In keeping with the goal of supporting Chino’s local businesses while at the same time maintaining safe and attractive shopping areas, the City of Chino permits special outdoor sales events (e.g. sidewalk and parking lot sales) with the issuance of a no-cost Temporary Open Air Sales permit. The no-cost permit is required so that City staff can ensure that no public safety hazards (e.g. blocking of sidewalks, drive aisles and fire lanes) are created by such an event. For additional information about obtaining a Temporary Open Air Sales Permit, please call the Planning Division at (909) 334-3253, or visit their webpage by clicking here.

Outdoor Storage

Although more of a concern within industrial zones, illegal outdoor storage of business equipment, vehicles and materials within public view not only detracts from the appearance of individual businesses and surrounding areas, but also can create public health, safety, and fire hazards as well. Therefore, the outdoor storage of equipment, vehicles and materials is generally restricted to specific areas and screened from public view. In some cases, outdoor storage may not be permitted at all. For additional information on this topic, please contact the Planning Division at (909) 334-3253 or visit their webpage by clicking here.