Property Maintenance


General Property Maintenance

Similar to the property maintenance requirements applicable to residential areas, commercial and industrial developments are also required to maintain all structures and property improvements, including exterior wall surfaces, roofs, trim, fixtures, fences, signs, lighting, landscaping and parking areas, in good condition.

Parking Lot Maintenance and Use

All required off-street parking facilities must be maintained in good condition, kept free of trash and debris, and may not be used for any other purpose other than parking. Pavement striping and traffic/parking signs must be repainted, refurbished or replaced, as needed when they become faded or damaged.

Landscape Maintenance

Because quality landscaping plays a large role in enhancing the appearance of a property, all landscaped areas are required to be kept groomed, trimmed, pruned, and free of weeds, debris, dead, diseased or dying vegetation, and broken or defective decorative elements. Furthermore, to ensure continuity with existing landscaping, any plants removed from a commercial property must be replaced with landscaping of the same type, and a similar size and maturity as that which was removed.

Additionally, all plant material must be maintained in such a manner as to not encroach upon or overhang the sidewalk, parkway, curb or street, or interfere with proper street drainage.

Vacant Lot Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the property owner, agent or person in control of any lot, or parcel of land within the city to maintain the lot and parkway area fronting the lot free of weeds, dead vegetation, and debris.