Parking Requirements


Due to the increasing number of vehicles, the location and manner in which vehicles are parked on private and public property is a primary concern to the community. When vehicles are parked properly, everyone benefits. The following are several frequently asked questions regarding parking regulations in the City of Chino:

Can I park my vehicle on the street?

Yes. However, vehicles parked on the street must be licensed and operable, and cannot be left in one location for more than 72 consecutive hours (3 days). Note: Vehicles should be parked so they do not fully or partially block the sidewalk or a neighbor’s driveway. For enforcement, please contact the Chino PD non-emergency number at (909) 628-1234.

Can I park my vehicle on my front lawn?

No. When people use their lawns for parking, they compact the soil, damage the landscaping, and detract from the visual appearance of their property and the neighborhood. Furthermore, oils and other hazardous fluids can leak from a vehicle and create a potential environmental problem. However, vehicles may be parked in a grassy area including front lawns for short periods of time not to exceed one hour for car washing purposes only.

In all other cases, vehicles must be parked on an improved (paved) surface. Vehicle owners who chose to park on unpaved surfaces (front lawn, etc...) are subject to immediate citation.

Can the City remove an abandoned vehicle?

Yes. If a vehicle is abandoned or inoperable, the City can remove the vehicle through an abatement process at owner expense. In addition, inoperable vehicles are subject to immediate citation.

What are the regulations for inoperable vehicles?

After 72 consecutive hours, an inoperable vehicle on public or private property within public view, must be relocated to a garage or other enclosed area outside of public view.