RV Storage


Generally, recreational vehicles may not be stored for more than 72 hours within residential front yards (e.g. driveways) or public streets. Recreational vehicles include motor homes, campers, travel trailers, boats, personal watercraft and their trailers, off-road vehicles (not registered for street use), and utility and mobile equipment trailers.

The 72-hour period is intended to accommodate loading, unloading and cleaning. Recreational vehicles may be stored for more than 72 hours within a rear or side yard area as long as the vehicle is screened from public view by a minimum five-foot fence. In the case of an interior side yard, the recreational vehicle does not need to be screened from public by a five-foot fence as long as it is parked on a paved surface, is parked entirely behind the front yard setback area, and is currently registered.

Certain recreational vehicles owned and operated by disabled persons are exempt from this requirement when parked/stored within residential front yards (e.g. driveways), and provided that the vehicle bears a current DMV issued disabled person license plate, or a disabled person placard. Exempted recreational vehicles include fully functional and operable motor homes, fifth-wheel trailers, converted buses, or truck campers (campers mounted on a truck), or similar vehicles designed for human habitation. Camper shells and boats of any size are not exempt. For additional requirements, please refer to Chino Municipal Code section 20.10.100.C.

Temporary Recreational Vehicle Living Permits

The occupancy of any trailer, camper or other vehicle while parked or stored on public or private property is prohibited. There is, however, an exception to this rule which allows for recreational vehicles to be utilized by senior citizens as an affordable temporary living facility for a period not to exceed 90 days provided that several conditions are met. For additional information please refer to Chino Municipal Code section 20.12.030 or contact the Planning Division at (909) 334-3253. A permit must be obtained from Planning Division before an RV can be used for on site occupancy.