Sign Permit


A Sign Permit is required for installation of any wall, monument, directory, directional, or window sign. A Sign Permit provides a process whereby a proposed sign is reviewed to determine the location, size, and design meet the requirements of the Sign Code and/or sign program. Click here for information regarding temporary signs/banners.

How do I begin the Sign Permit process?
In order to begin the Sign Permit process, you must complete a Sign Review Application and submit it along with all required information as indicated in the Minimum Requirements for Filing section of the form, and pay all applicable fees for the entire process.

What are the minimum requirements for filing a Sign Permit?
In order to review your application the following is required:

  1. Completed Sign Permit Application and filing fee.
  2. Three (3) sets of plans showing:
    • The location and orientation of the proposed sign(s) in relation to buildings, structures and other signs existing on the property.
    • The design, size, structual details and calculations (if required by the Building Division), proposed colors and materials and letters/icon size and type.
    • One (1) set of plans must be colored photo simulation.
  3. Photographs showing existing signs on the premises and the proposed sign location(s).
  4. Letter of authorization from the property owner or landlord approval.
  5. Provide electronic files on cd in PDF format (Sign Program Only).

What type of hearing is required for a Sign Permit?
There is no public hearing required for a Sign Permit.  The Development Services Director is the final approval body for Sign Permits.

What is the Review Process for a Sign Permit?

  • Talk to a planner to obtain information and an application. 
  • Submit completed application.
  • Planning staff review.
  • Application completeness.
  • Staff makes a decision.
  • 10 day appeal period.

Are there submittal deadlines for a Sign Permit application?
Sign Permit applications are accepted at the Planning Division counter during regular business hours.

What is the filing fee for a Sign Permit?
Please click here to view the current fee schedule.

How long is the Sign Permit process?
Review of a Sign Permit application usually take 1-2 weeks to review. The length of time to process an application could exceed 2 weeks depending on the extent of the proposed project and whether changes to the proposed sign are required.

Is there an appeal procedure for the a Sign Permit?
If someone is concerned about the decision made on a Sign Permit, the decision may be appealed to the Planning Commission. Appeals must be made within 10 calendar days of the decision, and can be made by submitting the Appeal Application to the Planning Division staff in City Hall

Filing and payment of a Sign Permit application for processing does not guarantee approval of the proposed project.