Temporary Signs


A Temporary Sign Permit is required for displaying outdoor advertisement of a business/special event.  A Temporary Sign Permit provides a process whereby a proposed banner is reviewed to determine that the location, size, and design meet the requirements of the Sign Code.

How do I begin the Temporary Sign Permit process?
In order to begin the Temporary Sign Permit process, you must complete a Temporary Sign Permit Application and submit it along with all required information as indicated below.

What are the minimum requirements for filing a Temporary Sign Permit?
In order to review your application the following is required:

  • Completed Temporary Sign Application. 
  • The location and orientation of the proposed banner in relation to buildings.
  • The design, size, and material of the temporary sign.
  • List the of dates that the Temporary Sign will be on display.
  • Letter of authorization from the property owner or landlord approval.

Sign Permit applications are accepted at the Planning Division counter during regular business hours or they may be faxed to (909) 334-3729.  Please call (909) 334-3253 to ensure that your application was received.

How long may I display my Temporary Sign?

Grand Opening - Display is limited to a maximum 30 consecutive days per calendar year.

Special Event - Display is limited to a maximum of 60 days per year per business.

Temporary Event -(Non-Profit Organizations Only) - Display is limited to a maximum of 14 days per year.

What is the filing fee for a Temporary Sign Permit?
There is no filing fee for a Temporary Sign Permit.

How long is the Temporary Sign Permit process?
Review of a Temporary Sign Permit application is usually done over the counter depending on the extent of the proposed Temporary Sign and desired location.