Draft Plan Updates


Once the Risk Assessment and mitigation strategy is updated, the LHMP Planning Team will update all information, data, and associated narratives into an Administrative Draft LHMP and will prepare all sections in accordance with DMA 2000, FEMA’s 44 CFR Part 201 and 206, and any new LHMP Guidance from Cal OES hazard mitigation reviewers.  Plan Sections will include:

  • Intro
  • Community Profile
    • Geography/Environment
    • Community Facts
    • Population and Demographics
    • Land Use/Development Trends
  • What’s New
  • Planning Process
  • Risk Assessment
  • Mitigation Strategy
  • Plan Maintenance

To assist the City with future plan maintenance and implementation activities the LHMP Project Managers will review monitoring, evaluation, and updating activities undertaken since the approval of the FY2011-2012 LHMP and incorporate this information into section of the document called “What’s New”.

The LHMP Planning Process Section will be updated to include the review and analysis of the previous FY2011-2012 LHMP, the LHMP Planning Committee and public involvement results, and review/incorporation of previous studies, plans, technical documents, distribution list of LHMP recipients etc.

The Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy sections will be updated to include new analysis, updated mitigation measures that reflect current problems and the City of Chino’s capabilities to address those problems.

The Plan Maintenance Section will include new maintenance procedures for scheduled monitoring, evaluating, and updating the HMP based upon stakeholder engagement and defined reporting roles.

The plan will also include easy to use forms the LHMP Planning Committee can use to document their annual meetings, review the LHMP each year, and documents changes made to mitigation actions, and/ or public outreach completed.

Appendices will include all documentation compiled to support the planning process throughout.  Once all sections are completed, The LHMP Planning Team will compile the plan into an Administrative Draft LHMP and submit to the LHMP Planning Committee for review.  After the two-week City Review Period, the LHMP Planning Team will

When can I get involved?

If you are interested in becoming involved in our planning committee or would like information on other opportunities to get involved, please e-mail us here:


Bookmark this page for updates on the mitigation process.

The City of Chino update process follows the core hazard mitigation steps identified by FEMA. The City has created a step-by-step planning process below which identifies detail the City’s actions from start to finish.  Please see the steps below for more information on opportunities to get involved.  

incorporate any comments to prepare the Public Review Draft.


Plan Review and Revision

Once the Public Review Draft is completed, it will be available for public review and comment through the City of Chino’s Hazard Mitigation Website and hard copies will be made available at Libraries and other venues.

After the public review and comment period, the Planning Team will compile all comments received on the Public Review Draft for inclusion as an Appendix item and revise the LHMP, as necessary.  The LHMP Planning Team will finalize the LHMP and complete the new FEMA Plan Review Tool Reference Document and submit the plan to Cal OES for State review and approval.  Once approved at the State level, Cal OES will provide the submittal to FEMA Region IX requesting federal approval.

Important to Note: The state and federal approval process could take more than 60 Days depending on availability of review staff.

Plan Adoption and Submittal

Once Cal OES and FEMA approval is received, the LHMP Project Management Team will prepare the final LHMP for review by the City and will complete any resulting revisions required and prepare the Final LHMP adoption.  After LHMP adoption, the City will compile supporting documentation (e.g., official resolution) as part of the Final Draft to be distributed to Planning Committee members, as well as all required local, state, and Federal agencies.

Important to Note:  City of Chino’s staff must update the LHMP within five years of the previous plan approval date to maintain access to all hazard mitigation grant streams.