Infill Housing Development


In December 2001, as part of its comprehensive and on-going housing and community development efforts, the Chino City Council authorized the Infill Housing Development Program. The goal of the program is to eliminate the destabilizing and blighting influence that vacant and/or abandoned parcels have on the downtown Chino area by encouraging homebuilders and landowners to construct high quality and affordable single-family homes compatible with the character of the surrounding neighborhood.

Over the past ten years, the City of Chino has developed 26 affordable single-family homes under the Infill Affordable Housing Program. Furthermore, four additional infill homes will be developed in the near future under existing development agreements.

Unfortunately, the City has now lost its primary source of funding for the program following the dissolution of the City’s Redevelopment Agency. As a result, no new projects are currently being considered, and the undertaking of future projects will be dependent on the City’s ability to secure new funding to finance the program.