Planning Applications & Forms

All application forms must be delivered to City Hall, 13220 Central Avenue, and payment must be made before processing begins. If you have any questions, please call during normal business hours Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Planning Forms & Documents

Applications & Forms

  1. Administrative Review Checklist - Type I (PDF)
  2. Administrative Review Checklist - Type II (PDF)
  3. Administrative Review Checklist - Type III (PDF)
  4. Administrative Review Uniform Application (PDF)
  5. Air Quality Permit Checklist (PDF)
  6. Annexation Checklist (PDF)
  7. Annexation Consent Form (PDF)
  8. Appeal Form (PDF)
  9. Business License Application (PDF)
  10. Environmental Assessment Form (PDF)
  11. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Screening Tables (PDF)
  12. Hazardous Waste Substances Statement (PDF)
  13. Home Occupation Permit Application (PDF)
  14. Land Use and Development Major Variance Checklist (PDF)
  15. Land Use and Development Master Site Approval A and B Checklist (PDF)
  16. Land Use and Development Non-Construction Special Conditional Use Permit Checklist (PDF)
  17. Land Use and Development Preliminary Review Checklist (PDF)
  18. Land Use and Development Site Approval Commercial-Industrial Checklist (PDF)
  19. Land Use and Development Site Approval Residential Checklist (PDF)
  20. Land Use and Development Special Conditional Use Permit Checklist (PDF)
  21. Land Use and Development Tentative Parcel-Tract Map Checklist (PDF)
  22. Land Use and Development Uniform Application (PDF)
  23. Landscape Plan Review Application (PDF)
  24. Legislative Action General Plan Amendment Checklist (PDF)
  25. Legislative Action Prezone Checklist (PDF)
  26. Legislative Action Specific Plan Amendment Checklist (PDF)
  27. Legislative Action Uniform Application (PDF)
  28. Legislative Action Zone Change Checklist (PDF)
  29. Legislative Action Zone Ordinance Amendment Checklist (PDF)
  30. Political Sign Application - Fillable (PDF)
  31. Public Notice Requirements (PDF)
  32. Recycling Facility Permit Application (PDF)
  33. Sign Plan Review Application (PDF)
  34. Temporary Open Air Sales Application (PDF)
  35. Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit Application (PDF)
  36. Temporary Sign Application (PDF)