Sphere of Influence

The City of Chino encompasses approximately 31 square miles. The current land area includes 18,938 acres with a Sphere of Influence (SOI) area of approximately 1,548 acres that is divided in two large areas at the northwest end of the City. Most of the SOI land area has existing single-family residential and agricultural land uses, established over time in an informal pattern.

If you have questions or would like to have a conversation with City staff about the SOI, please call 909-334-3314.

Economic Analysis

In late 2017, the City Council, after hearing multiple requests for development and annexation of properties within the SOI, directed City staff to develop an Economic Analysis of the SOI. This analysis was required to evaluate four different possible annexation alternatives of the SOI, including:

  • A status-quo ("do nothing") alternative that would allow annexations on a piecemeal basis as they currently occur
  • An islands only alternative for annexation of all County island areas as determined by LAFCO
  • A market trend alternative where annexation is based on an assessment of the market demand
  • A General Plan alternative that assumes project growth will not exceed any zoning capacities of the City's current General Plan for the SOI areas

Included in the analysis is a review of current infrastructure in the SOI, and an analysis of future infrastructure improvements, both on a full-service and minimum service level and their budgetary impacts to the City, both through revenues received in the form of taxes, and costs incurred in the form of providing services (police, roadway repair, code enforcement, etc.).

The SOI Economic Analysis has been completed and can be reviewed by visiting the following links:

Sphere of Influence Economic Analysis Workshop