Water Conservation

Water is essential to us all but it's a limited resource. We all need to rethink the way we use water on a daily basis whether or not California is in a drought. Conserving water is always important. No matter how full or depleted our reservoirs are, we must always be aware that water is a precious commodity. Regardless of how or why we are using water, we must always use it efficiently and be good stewards in using this resource. Please remember to irrigate only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between the hours of 8:00pm and 6:00am for no longer than 15 minutes per station (Please visit the "RESTRICTIONS" tab for additional information).

The City of Chino is dedicated to partnering with the community to become more water efficient.

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Turf Replacement Program

The intent of the Turf Replacement program is to have homeowners remove their existing grass and to replace it with organic, drought tolerant landscaping. Please note, synthetic turf is not an approved conversion option for this program. Following the success of other incentive programs focusing on landscaping and turf grass removal, the Turf Replacement program aims to combine turf removal, irrigation modification and rainwater retention or filtration to support reuse or soil absorption of rainwater. 

Every turf replacement project will include:

  • 3 Plants per 100 square feet of area transformed 
  • A stormwater retention feature
  • No hardscape within the transformed area, except permeable hardscape
  • Replacement or modification of overhead spray sprinklers

The turf replacement program takes a multi-prolonged approach to maximize water utilization and conservation.

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Online Turf Replacement Application

Sprinkler Timer Upgrade and Tune Up Program

Chino residents can apply for the no-cost Sprinkler Timer upgrade, or the Sprinkler Tune Up Program. To qualify for the Sprinkler Timer Upgrade, property must have an existing operational automatic irrigation system. These device upgrades will adjust daily based upon outside weather patterns. With the Sprinkler Tune-Up, residents may qualify for repair or replacement of up to 12 sprinkler heads and nozzles, valve repair or replacement of up to 3 valves. Apply online by visiting www.conservinc.net.

Sprinkler Upgrade and Tune Up Program Information (PDF)

Water Conservation Rebates

SoCal Water$mart is a rebate program offered by the Metropolitan Water District and administered by EGIA. Through the socalwatersmart.com website, you will be able to access the online rebate application, learn about the program rules and regulations. Please visit socalwatersmart.com to learn about the rebates that are available for choosing to save water. 

SoCal Water$mart Residential Rebates (PDF)