General Plan Update

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The Chino General Plan is our blueprint for the future. It is built on a shared vision that describes the kind of community Chino residents and businesses want and identifies actions we can take to realize the vision. The City is updating the General Plan to address emerging issues and new State laws and to achieve key objectives, including:

  • Preserving and enhancing our local heritage and "small town" character;
  • Growing the local economy in ways that improve quality of life for local residents;
  • Modernizing the transportation system and improving options for getting around; and
  • Establishing a framework for a sustainable, healthy, and resilient community.

Ways to Participate

We want to hear from you to make sure the Plan reflects the priorities of our community!

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Next Up

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Visioning & Opportunity Identification, Alternatives Exploration, Draft Plan Prep, Adopt & Finalize

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