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Our Commitment

The Chino Police Department is committed to serving the community in a highly professional manner. To fulfill this obligation, as well as meet statutory requirements, the Department supports a readily available process by which citizens and employees can have confidence that complaints against either employees or the Department will be fairly and thoroughly investigated. Such investigations will ensure that proper corrective actions are taken when appropriate, as well as protect employees against unwarranted criticisms when procedures or actions by the employees or Department were proper. 

The Chino Police Department acknowledges the responsibility it has to accept and investigate all complaints brought to the attention of the Department and is committed to resolving those complaints. Further, the Department is also committed to taking appropriate action when necessary against those employees involved in unacceptable behavior or actions of misconduct, including training, counseling, or an appropriate level of discipline. 

In the event the complainant is a minor (under 18 years of age), a responsible parent or guardian will be promptly notified so they are made aware of the nature of the complaint, and provided the opportunity to be present with the minor when the complaint is filed. 

Complaints involving employee misconduct or customer service complaints will be promptly reviewed, investigated, and/or resolved in an appropriate manner and in compliance with all applicable statutory provisions. 


Misconduct is defined as actions involving a violation of any law, written Department Procedure, Policy, Order, or Regulation. Failure to obey written or verbal orders or any conduct that may tend to reflect unfavorably upon the employee or the Department may also be deemed to be misconduct.

Customer Service Complaints

Other complaints that do not rise to the level of employee misconduct are considered customer service complaints. Although the Police Department provides public safety services, the application of private sector customer service standards has some application to the manner in which we provide our services..
Complaints of this nature are generally complaints against employees of the Department relating to expressed dissatisfaction regarding our departmental operations, actions, or conduct. Customer service complaints of this nature do not involve violations of any law, written Department Procedure, Policy, Order, or Regulation.

You are encouraged to call 909-628-1234 or respond to the Chino Police Department and ask to speak to an on-duty Police Supervisor at any time to have your complaint immediately addressed. 

At the final conclusion and disposition of an investigation, written notification will be mailed to you. This is in compliance with the guidelines of Sections 832.5, 832.7, 832.8(e), and 832.8(f) of the California Penal Code.

The findings are defined as follows:

Unfounded: This means that the investigation clearly established that the allegation is not true.

Exonerated: This means that the investigation clearly established the actions of the peace or custodial officer that formed the basis for the complaint are not violations of law or department policy.

Not Sustained: This means that the investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to conclusively prove or disprove the allegation made in the complaint.

Sustained: This means that the investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to conclusively prove the allegation made in the complaint.

No Finding: This is when one or more of the following circumstances exist:

  • The complainant fails to disclose information to further the investigation.
  • The investigation reveals that another agency was involved and the complaint or complainant has been referred to that agency.
  • The complainant wished to withdraw the complaint.
  • The complainant is no longer available for clarification.
  • The complainant refuses further contact on advise of an attorney.

Can I make a telephone complaint?

Yes. You can call the Chino Police Department dispatch line at 909-628-1234 and ask to speak with the on-duty Watch Commander. However, if the complaint is made by telephone and involves employee misconduct, the supervisor will ask to meet you in person, either at the Police Department or a location of your choosing, so that the necessary forms may be completed for a formal complaint.

Can I make a complaint by letter?

Yes. However, if the complaint is made by letter or mail, it will be forwarded to the Professional Standards Unit, with a copy to the Chief of Police for appropriate action. This may involve further personal contact with you so that the necessary forms may be completed for a formal complaint.

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