Local Roadway Safety Plan

The City of Chino created a Local Roadway Safety Plan (LRSP) to enhance traffic safety on its road network. The plan analyzes collision data to identify high-crash and high-risk locations, as well as citywide trends. The goal is to improve safety through various measures, such as engineering, enforcement, education, emergency services, and emerging technologies. Chino aims to enhance roadway safety citywide, as indicated by its rankings compared to peer cities. The LRSP assesses collision data and recent improvements to identify areas of concern and plan for future safety enhancements. The vision is to achieve zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries, and the goals include identifying high-risk areas, illustrating the value of a safety program, planning for safety improvements, and defining projects for funding consideration. Locations with elevated collision risk were identified through analysis, and safety measures were prioritized based on roadway characteristics and behaviors contributing to collisions.

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