How can I be sure to receive the records that I want?

The Chino Police Department prefers that all Public Records Act (PRA) requests are made in writing, either using our Online Request Form or by completing and returning our Report Request Form (Report Request Form (English) (PDF)/Report Request Form (Spanish) (PDF)) to help ensure that we can accurately identify the records being sought in the request. Please include the following information in your request, so that we may respond to your request in a timely manner:

  • Provide a clear and specific description of the requested information. Identify dates and times, report numbers, the names of persons involved and other specific information. The police department may ask you for additional information if the request is not specific enough to permit identification of the records you seek.
  • Provide contact information so that our staff can obtain clarifying information if needed to ensure a prompt and accurate response to your request.

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1. How can I be sure to receive the records that I want?
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