What is the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) Process?

The RHNA process is mandated by state law to quantify projected housing needs within a community. The process informs Chino's planning processes by identifying future housing need as a result of projected population, employment and household growth. For the 2021 to 2029 Planning Period, The City of Chino is allocated an estimated 6,959 units to accommodate growth by income category. The Housing Element must provide sites to accommodate this estimated growth.

2021 to 2029 City of Chino RHNA Housing Needs Allocation

Income CategoryPercent of Median Family IncomeIncome Range: MinimumIncome Range: MaximumRHNA Allocation (Housing Units)
Very Low Income0 to 50%N/A$37,6502,106
Low Income51 to 80%$37,651$60,2401,281
Moderate Income81 to 120%$61,241$90,3601,200
Above Moderate IncomeMore than 120%$90,361More than $91,3612,373

Note: Income range is based on the 2020 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Median Family Income (MFI) for San Bernardino County of $75,300.

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2. What is the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) Process?
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