Community Development Block Grant

Emergency Rental Assistance Program Banner
The City of Chino is accepting applications for a one-time rental assistance grant for up to 3 months of rental payments for eligible households.

Application Period

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis upon funding availability. Applications can be submitted in person to Chino City Hall (13220 Central Avenue) or by mail to City of Chino, Community Services Department, 13201 Central Avenue, Chino CA 91710.

Applicant Eligibility

1. Applicant must be a Chino Resident.

2. Have a current annual household income not to exceed the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established "low to Moderate-Income" limits for San Bernardino County. 

2021 Income Limits 
Number of People
living in Household

80% of Area Median 
 1  $44,250
 2  $50,600
 3  $56,900
 4  $63,200
 5  $68,300
 6  $73,350
 7  $78,400
 8  $83,450

3. Have experienced an economic hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hardship is defined as job loss, furlough or reduction in hours or pay. Applicants must submit documentation confirming a negative economic hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Acceptable documentation to demonstrate hardship include any of the following:
     a. A copy of family member(s) notification of job loss/termination from employer during the elgible pandemic period (March 1, 2020 to present); or

     b. A copy of family member(s) notification of furlough from employer during the eligible pandemic period (March 1, 2020 to present); or

     c. A copy of family member(s) notification or employer signed form confirming redution in hours and/or pay during the eligible pandemic period (March 1, 2020 to present). The Request for Verification of Income or Reduction of Hours and/or Pay Form (Exhibit 3) to the Program Guidelines may be used for this purpose; or
     d. A copy of family member(s) application during the eligible pandemic period (March 1, 2020 to present) and/or approval for Unemployment Insurance benefits;
     e. Other appropriate documentation may be acceptable to the City of Chino (extraordinary out-of-pocket expenses for childcare needs arising from school closures, out-of-pocket medical expenses, or health care expenditures related to diagnosis and testing for and/or treatment for COVID-19 of the tenant or a member of the tenant's household who is suspected or a confirmed case of COVID-19).

4. Have a current residential lease agreement for a housing unit in Chino. Lease/rental agreement must be in applicant's name.

5. Applications are to be submitted with all required information and documentation. If an application is received with missing information/documentation application will be returned to applicant.

Duplication of Benefits

All applicants shall certify under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the State of California, that they are not able to receive, and have not received, other federal or non-federal benefits or rental assistance for the period of time between March 1, 2020 and the date of last signature on this application. Applicants shall further certify that they will not pursue other federal or non-federal benefits for the same uses of this rental assistance grant program.

Click Here for the Application (PDF)  (Aplicacíon en Español

Click Here for the Program Guidelines (PDF)
(Guía de programa)

For more information, please call (909) 334-3288 or email

Emergency Rental Assistance Program FAQ

Q: Who can apply for assistance?
A: City of Chino residents.

Q: Are there other eligibility criteria?
A: Yes, Residents must meet income qualifications and financial impacts must be as a result of COVID-19, must have current rent/lease agreement.

Q: What are examples of COVID-19 impacts?
A: Examples included, but are not limited to, loss of employment, reduction of work hours, reduced wages, medical expenses due to COVID-19.

Q: How much financial assistance is available?
A: Up to 3 months of rental payments. 

Q: Is the assistance a loan or a grant?
A: It is a grant.

Q: How can I apply and what information is needed?
A: Complete the ERAP application, Income documentation, rental/lease agreement, proof of COVID-19 financial impact required. A full list of requirements is on application.

Applications are available for pick up at City Hall, Carolyn Owens Building and on City website.

Q: How do I submit my application packet? 
A: By mail or person.

Submit applications in person at:
Chino City Hall - Development Services Department - 13220 Central Avenue, Chino; or
Carolyn Owens Building - Community Services Department-13201 Central Avenue, Chino

Mail your application to:  
City of Chino 
Community Services Department 
13201 Central Avenue, Chino CA 91710

Q: How will applications be processed? 
A: Funds are limited.  Therefore, applications will be accepted, date stamped and processed in the order received.

Q: How soon will I know if I am approved? 
A: Staff will review applications and respond within 14 calendar days, or earlier.  If your application is incomplete, you will be given 7 calendar days to submit the missing paperwork.

Q: If I am approved, are grant funds sent directly to me? 
A: No. In accordance with HUD rules, City staff will pay your landlord/property management company directly.

Project Year 2021-2022

The City received $594,876 for the CDBG 2021/22 program year from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for administration of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.  HUD determines the amount of each grant by a formula that uses several objective measures of community needs, including the extent of poverty, population, housing overcrowding, age of housing, and population growth in relationship to other metropolitan areas.

HUD awards grants to communities to carry out a wide range of community development activities directed toward revitalizing neighborhoods, economic development, and providing improved community facilities and services.  Communities are required to give maximum feasible priority to activities that benefit low-moderate income persons.

Activities may also aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight, or in certain circumstances, meet other community development needs having a particular urgency.  These three categories of activities are referred to as the “CDBG National Objectives”.

The City provides a portion of its CDBG funds on a competitive basis to eligible outside agencies for specific activities that meet one or more of the above CDBG National Objectives and that will further the City’s CDBG goals and objectives, as stated in the 2020-2025 Consolidated Plan.

The 2022-23 CDBG Application Process begins in December 2021. 

Download a fillable Application form here.  

View a Program Information PowerPoint here.  

For information regarding the City of Chino’s CDBG program, please contact the CDBG Administrator, Pat Cacioppo, at (909) 334-3355.

Five Year Consolidated Plan 2020-2025: 
The City of Chino receives approximately $590,000 annually in Community Development Block Grants for housing and community development projects.



Substantial Amendment 1 - CARES Act CDBG-CV1:
Citizen Participation Plan
Notice of Public Hearing
Resolution (Draft)
Exhibit 1

Substantial Amendment 2 - CARES Act CDBG-CV3:
Exhibit 1
Notice of Public Hearing