As a member of the Development Services Department, the Chino Planning Division is responsible for the City’s physical planning, which includes development review, analysis, and compliance; environmental review, long range planning, and development policies through the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Specific Plans. Title 20 of the Chino Municipal Code specifies the zoning regulations for the City. Each property is located within a specific zoning district, which determines the allowable land use and applicable zoning standards. Allowable land uses include use type as well as density/intensity of such uses. The zoning standards regulate building characteristics such as setbacks, lot coverage, building height, etc.

The Division serves the City by providing technical assistance and planning information to the public. The Division receives direction from the Development Services Director, City Manager, City Council, and the Planning Commission, and works closely with other City departments and agencies inside and outside of the City to ensure compliance and high quality development.  You can view a list of the current Planning Activity Applications.

This web page focuses on providing general information regarding the physical development (setbacks, lot coverage, floor area ratio, required parking, etc.) permitted for the various zoning districts and uses. For specific information about a certain property, please contact the Planning Division.

Planning Division
(909) 334-3253