Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Climate Action Plan-Update Upcoming

Chino with its commitment to sustainability, has achieved its year 2020 greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets and is on track to achieve future emissions reductions, in concert with the State of California climate change regulations. The upcoming Climate Action Plan Update will provide strategies to guide the City on path to continue achieving its GHG emissions reductions into the year 2030 and beyond, thereby ensuring sustainable and healthy growth. 

The City is currently in the process of updating the CAP in concert with updates in the State climate change regulations. It is important that the CAP update reflect the community character of Chino. We would like to hear from the residents and other key stakeholders regarding their perspectives of the CAP and what priorities they would like to see addressed in the CAP update. As a resident and a stakeholder, your input is valuable. Below is a link to the survey designed to understand Chino residents’ and stakeholders ‘perspectives regarding the CAP update.

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Climate Action Plan 2013

Chino adopted the Citywide Climate Action Plan (CAP) in November 2013. The CAP identified strategies to reduce the City’s greenhouse (GHG) emissions and enhance sustainability. The CAP provided the GHG emissions inventory for the year 2008, and target for reducing GHG emissions 15 percent below 2008 levels by 2020. If the CAP is not implemented, emissions in 2020 would be much higher than 2008, as shown in Figure 1.

CAP Bar Graph
Figure 1: Chino Greenhouse Gas Emissions Forecast Compared to Reduction Goal, 2013 Climate Action Plan

View the current Climate Action Plan Here

The CAP implements many of the policies found in the City’s General Plan and supports the City’s healthy community efforts by improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Some of the local benefits of a CAP for the City include the following:

community graphic community health graphic carbon reduction graphic
natural environment graphic Sustainable Operations Graphic
 Community Initiatives  Community Health
and Wellness
 Reduce Carbon
 Protect Natural Environment  Sustainable Operations