Healthy Chino

The Healthy Chino program strives to increase healthy lifestyle options and the quality of life for all community members through a series of programs, workshops, and special events.  

Healthy Chino Initiative History

The Healthy Chino award winning initiative was created in 2004 to improve the lives and well-being of the community from a multi-prong approach. This approach is a combination of nutrition, active living, physical and mental health, environmental health, and smart growth practices. As a result, a variety of programming, events, system changes, policies, and campaigns have been implemented.

Healthy Chino has received both the prestigious Helen Putnam Award and the Cities Counties Schools Partnership Award. In 2015, Healthy Chino was awarded the Best Public Service Campaign by the American Advertising Federation Inland Empire.

To partner with Healthy Chino or for programming information, call (909) 334-3478, or email

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promotes Healthy Living.