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The budget incorporates the City's operating budget and the Five-Year Capital Improvement Program. The budget contains detailed financial data that pertains to the City’s ongoing operations for the next fiscal year. 

The budget is one of the most important policy documents the City produces on an annual basis. The programs and financial decisions it embodies reflect the needs of the community through the policy direction and leadership of the City Council.

Each fiscal year the City of Chino develops and adopts an annual budget, which serves as a guide for providing City services. The budget contains detailed goals, a working financial strategic plan and financial projections for the departments, which comprise the City's governmental structure.

The City's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. In December, Budget staff meets with each department's budget representatives to discuss the objectives for the budget process for the new fiscal year. In mid-January the Budget staff holds their annual Budget Kick-off meeting with all department budget representatives at which time, the budget calendar, instructions, and forms are distributed. Guidelines and processes for the budget are explained along with any information, direction, or vision the City Council and City Manager have for the coming fiscal year. During the succeeding weeks departments prepare their expenditure and revenue requests along with justifications and submit them to the Budget Team within the Finance Department. The Budget Team compiles the information and prepares revenue estimates and fund balance projections. In early April, the City Manager and Budget Staff meet with each department and after which the City Manager prepares his recommendations to City Council. Council conducts a public budget workshop in late May with the goal of adopting the budget at the last Council meeting in June.