Trash & Street Sweeping

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The City of Chino contracts all refuse and recycling services to Waste Management. Waste Management is responsible for the collection and disposal of residential services. Waste Management also manages the collection, disposal, and customer service for all commercial accounts. Residential billing and bill notification is handled by the City of Chino.

As part of the City of Chino's weekly refuse service, each single-family residence receives three 96-gallon wheeled carts: one with a black lid for trash only, one with a gray lid for recyclables, and one with a green lid for green waste. Commercial services vary and are based on service needs. 

Trash Service Rates-Residential
Trash Service Rates-Commercial

Prop 218 Trash Service Notice (proposed rates)

Please Remember to:

  • Roll your carts into the street and place them against the curb with the handles facing your home.  Place carts at least two feet apart from other carts and objects.
  • Place all waste in the appropriate container and close the lid.
  • Trash, recyclables and green waste not placed in carts will not be picked up.
  • Place your carts at the curb by 6:00 am on your collection day.  Emptied carts must be removed from curbside after pick-up. 

View Waste Management's collection schedule, refuse and recycling guidelines or to schedule a bulky item pick-up.

Where to dispose Household Hazardous Waste.

Street Sweeping

The Public Works Services division oversees the City’ street sweeping program. City streets are swept on a bi-weekly basis, except private streets and streets without a curb and gutter.  Help keep Chino's streets clean by keeping leaves, grass clippings, and heavy objects out of the gutter as well as avoiding parking vehicles in the street on sweeping days.