Independence Day Enforcement Nets 95 Citations

Independence Day Enforcement Nets 95 Citations
Posted on 07/05/2018
Fireworks ConfiscatedThe Chino Police Department, in collaboration with the Chino Valley Fire District issued 95 fireworks citations Wednesday, July 4, between 6 p.m. and 12:00 a.m., an increase from the 64 citations that were issued last year.

During this time, assigned personnel strictly enforced Chino Municipal Code 08.12.170 relating to fireworks possession and discharge, which includes the new attestation and social host regulations. The joint enforcement was geared specifically to look for offenders who inappropriately used “safe and sane” fireworks and/or were in possession of illegal fireworks.

The 18 assigned teams confiscated 166 pounds of illegal fireworks. Additionally, before the 4th of July, Special Enforcement Team personnel confiscated approximately 2,000 pounds of illegal fireworks and made six arrests during proactive operations; 975 more pounds than the year prior.

Furthermore, the police department received 272 fireworks calls for service during the six-hour period (referenced above). This is an increase compared to last year’s calls for service which totaled 220 calls.

“I am pleased to report we did not have any significant fireworks related incidents during this year’s 4th of July celebration” stated Chief Karen Comstock. “We are happy with the results of our deployment and use of resources, despite the increase in call volume.”

It is important to note; in order to issue a citation, officers must witness an offender in possession of/or using the illegal fireworks or the reporting party must provide proof, sign a form, and be willing to appear for a court hearing (if necessary) under the new attestation law. Nearly all of the 95 citations issued were for possession of illegal fireworks, which carries a $1,000 fine; one of the citations was issued using the attestation law.