Chino Cares

Chino Cares Participants

Chino Cares LogoThe City of Chino, the organizations located here, and it's residents value the rich diversity of our community and want all members of it to be valued, appreciated, and accepted. There is one thing that unites us all... we care about this community. 

Chino Cares is not a program, but a movement that aims to build on our shared care for this community by bringing people together. Being part of Chino Cares will offer a number of opportunities we can accomplish together, such as:
    -     Reach and involve every area of our diverse community
    -     Unite in our commitment to care
    -     Connect through real relationships
    -     Prepare an entire community for disaster
    -     Be resilient when we face difficulties

Interested parties have the opportunity to pledge support to the Chino Cares movement. Participant expectations of one another, as members of this community, are to:
    -     Be Informed - Join Chino Notify and stay in the know!
    -     Be Prepared - Learn more about Disaster Preparedness
    -     Be Connected
    -     Be Committed
    -     Be Supportive

To pledge your support please print and return a copy of the below pledge form to Denise School  Questions and requests for additional information can also be sent to

View the Chino Cares COVID-19 Challenge here.