New Water Budget-Based Rates

New Water Budget-Based Rates
Posted on 11/26/2019
New Water Budget-Based RatesBeginning in December 2019, tiered-rate bills will be sent to Chino water utility customers.  Under Chino water utility’s traditional rate structure, water rates were set according to a single commodity rate, regardless of the volume used. Under the new structure, each of Chino’s water utility residential customers are provided with water budgets designed to give them the water they need for both indoor and outdoor uses.  Chino’s City Council approved this new rate structure, which is tailored to the needs of each customer. Beginning December 2019 City of Chino water customers will see the new budget based water rate structure reflected in their water bills. 

Under the new tiered structure, each customer is given an individualized budget for indoor and outdoor water use, based on the number of residents in a home, the amount of irrigated landscape, weather, and other factors. Water use indoors is covered by the lowest rate tier, followed by efficient outdoor use; anything over budget is considered inefficient and is covered under the third, highest-priced tier. Customers who stay within their budget may see a decrease in their monthly water bill.  Unlike other one-size-fits-all tiered rate structures, Chino water utility’s new water budget-based rates include allowances for larger households and for weather so greater outdoor irrigation is included in the budget during the summer.

Mayor Eunice Ulloa notes that, “Once customers become familiar with the new rate structure, they will see that their water budgets are not punitive, but fair.  Our goal is not to force people to go without water, but to eliminate excessive or wasteful use while providing an allocation to each customer that meets the needs of their home.”

Customer variance requests will be reviewed and considered by the City.  Revised budgets may be approved based on the number of people in a household, larger landscaping areas, increased needs for large animals, childcare or for medical requirements.  Customers are invited to learn more about water budgets and tiered rates by visiting

Included in the information is an interactive water budget estimator and frequently asked questions.