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Welcome to the City of Chino’s Virtual Recreation Page! This is your place to find suggestions and resources to keep you and your family entertained, active, healthy, and informed in the wake of the disappointing cancellations and temporary recreation facility closures. We hope you find many great things for you and family to do.  #ChinoHomeRec.

Visit this page often for updates and new ideas to keep you and your loved ones healthy, entertained, and informed. Please note, we do not endorse or receive funds to advertise any of the third-party sites or services listed or referenced on this page.

Blast off and explore the galaxy!  If you complete any of the ideas below, please share your photos or videos using #ChinoHomeRec.

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Be Engaged Section

Chino Challenge Straw Rocket Activity
Are you ready for a challenge, Chino? 

Take the Straw Rocket Challenge for a chance to win a $5 gift card to Juice It Up.

  • Make your straw rocket.
  • Video your best rocket launch and measure the distance.

Email your video to to be entered into a raffle.  Winners will be notified by October 27.

With your answer, please add the following information: name, phone number, and distance your rocket flew.

Visit space through your computer or phone! Take a picture of you visiting your favorite space destination and tag us using #ChinoHomeRec.

NASA space stations Visit NASA space stations, facilities, and laboratories.
360 degree space safari Go on a space safari with real international astronauts.
Air and Space Museum Visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
Johnson Space Center Take a virtual field trip to the Johnson Space Center in Houston.
Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow Visit the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.

Link to Chino Youth MuseumThink, Play & Learn at home with the Chino Youth Museum  Think, Play & Learn is a resource to keep your child's learning process going by using every day materials you can find in the comfort of your own home. Play along by clicking here. Mondays: Beat the Heat Tuesdays: Ooey Gooey Silly Science Wednesdays: Letter Learners and Tunes & Tales
Check back weekly for new activities!

Stay Engaged

Link to mason jar candles Link to popsicle garland Link to Popsicle garland activity 4th of July Mason Jar Candles Patriotic Popsicle Garland Popsicle Stick Star Door Hanger
Link to fireworks painting project
Link to bingo game sheet

Link to gardening tips        Link to corn salad recipe Link to Kindness Rocks activity

 Let's Travel the World Alike and Different Family Activity Seven Wonders of the World

Giant Panda Cam Giraffe Cam Tokyo Cam
Discovery Workshop

There are real life superheroes all around us.  Print these sheets and write letters to your local firefighters, police officers, and veterans.  Show your appreciation by contacting your local fire station, police station, and American Legion.  Click on the image to view the document.  Post your letters using #ChinoHomeRec.

Dear Firefighter Dear Officer Dear Veteran

Coloring Pages
Thank you firefighter thank you Veteran

Think, Play & Learn at Home with the Chino Youth Museum

Think, Play & Learn is a resource to keep your child's learning process going by using every day materials you can find in the comfort of your own home. Play along by clicking here.

Story time:

If I Were an Astronaut 

You can find all your past favorite stories below!

Story Time

Look back at your favorite stories here!

Time Travel Trouble Story Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Link to Where the Wild Things Are storybook Link to Rumble in the Jungle storybook

Let's go camping with Mr. Sillypants Link to The Smile that Went Around the World Superhero Manual Story

Be Creative section Arts and Crafts:

Chalk Galaxies craft Planets Up Close craft

Flying Saucer craft Marble Shaving Cream Earth

  Projects for the Family:

 Phases of the Moon experiment Space Snacks activity Galaxy Dough activity
Find more ways to stay creative below!

Stay Creative

Arts and Crafts:

Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft 80's Shades Craft Slap Bracelet craft Airplane craft
Wild Thing Mask art project Paper plate snake art project Handprint monkey craft Wild Thing Mask directions Paper Plate Handprint Monkey Directions

Link to ice cream art Link to jelly fish coffee filters Link to tear art sail boat
Ice Cream Art Jelly fish Sail Boat Art handout

Marshmallow Playdough Paint Splat Campfire Paper Plate S'mores
Marshmallow Playdough Paint Splat Campfire Paper Plate S'mores

Link to Chinese Lantern activity Link to Necklace project Link to Dream Catcher project
Mexican Pinatas India Rangoli Designs
Projects for the Family:

Lava Lamp craft Cave Paintings craft Cardboard Medieval Castle craft 
Animal Tracker Activity picture Where the Wild Things Are lessons Wild Treat recipe picture Animal Tracker Challenge Where the Wild Things Are Where the Wild Things Are Directions Lesson Pack Snack Recipe
Link to elephant toothpaste activity Link to Jungle Slime activity Link to salt water experiment Elephant Toothpaste Jungle Slime Salt Water Experiment

Melted cup key chains Life is better in flip flops Messy Science
elted Cup Flip Flop Sign Chalk Rocket Handout

Campfire Cones Recipe Campfire Games Camping Bingo Camping Word Search
mpfire Cones

 Passport craft project Games Around the World Recipes Around the World

Find more ways to stay creative below!


Enrichment Activities

Virtual Museums

Library Resources

Superhero Cuffs Craft Captain America Paper Plate Shield Pop Art Craft

Superhero Cape T-shirts Paper Plate Masks

  Projects for the Family:

 Superhero Academy Superhero Training Camp at Home Real Life Heroes Word Search

Be Active Section
For the kids:

Astronaut Core Workout Kids Space Yoga Space Workout
For All Ages:
Family Space Yoga Family Fun Cardio HIIT Workout
Latin Dance Workout

For Seniors:
Link to Senior Fitness Lesson 1 Senior Fitness Lesson 2 Senior Fitness Lesson 3 Beginner workout with Curtis Adams
Find more ways to stay active below!

Stay Active

Be Active Section
For the kids:

Fortnite Dance Workout Kids Static Stretch Workout Kids Cardio Blast Workout
Around the World Dance Bottle Flip Challenge Teddy Bear Transport
Around the World Basketball Shoot Link to kids jungle yoga Link to kids jungle fitness Link to kids exercise
Chair Exercises Warm-up exercises Passing Drills

Link to yoga for kids Link to Fun at Bat

Yoga-Underwater Adventure Fun At Bat

For All Ages:
Tae Bow Quarantine Workout Sweating to the Oldies workout Tony Horton P90X3 workout
Around the World Shoulder Exercises Anytime Workout Improve your posture
Burpee Challenge Foam Roller Workout Medicine Ball Workout

Picture of Happy Walk Picture of 15 minutes of meditation Picture of Mobility at Home
Mile Happy Walk 15 Minute Meditation Mobility at Home

For Seniors:
Lower back pain exercises Hand grip exercises  Flexibility and cool down exercises
Tai Chi Workout Improve your posture Stretching for Seniors
Link to morning stretches for seniors Link to coordination challenge
7-minute yoga workout  AARP 15-minute workout

Link to exercises Link to 15 minute workout Link to flexibility exercises

For All Ages
Take a virtual fitness class - there are plenty of FREE options online.

For the Kids

For Seniors

Exercise Your Brain

For the kids:


Spiderman Workout Link to Wonder Woman Workout Avengers Workout
For All Ages:
Link to 1 mile happy walk Disney Family Workout Home Pilates Routine
Bodyweight Workout

For Seniors:
Heel to Toe Balance Activity Stand on one foot balance exercise Gentle Qigong

Fee Based Virtual Recreation Classes For All Ages

Recreation Classes for All Ages
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Senior 50+ Recreation Classes
Here are some of your favorite classes you can participate in virtually from the comfort of your home.
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