Skate Park Rules and Regulations

The below rules and regulations are posted on the exterior fencing of the Chino Skate Park.

  1. Warning: This is an unsupervised facility; use at your own risk.
  2. Warning: Skateboarding, in-line skating, roller skating, scootering, and use of wheelchairs at this facility are hazardous recreational activities. Use of this facility may expose the user to serious injury and may result in broken bones, brain damage, concussion, paralysis or even death.
  3. Users are required to wear helmets, elbows pads, and knee pads at all times while in the active riding area. 
  4. Only skateboards, in-line and roller skates, non-motorized scooters, and non-motorized wheelchairs are allowed. No BMX bicycles, other wheeled devices or motor vehicles of any kind are allowed.
  5. Inspect the skating surfaces before you begin; remove any trash, debris or objects that may prevent a smooth, safe ride. Do not skate if hazardous conditions exist.
  6. Know your ability and skate accordingly.
  7. No skating when wet, raining or during routine maintenance periods.
  8. Additional ramps, jumps or obstacles are not allowed in the skate park. No modifications to the skating surface or features are allowed. No skating on park structures not specifically designed for that purpose.
  9. Open Daily, 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
  10. Skating allowed only during posted hours of operation.
  11. Food, beverages, and smoking allowed outside the skate park only.
  12. Organized events require the prior approval of the Community Services Department.
  13. No skating on curbs, driveways, or parking lots.
  14. This is a drug free/alcohol free recreational area.
  15. Abusive, profane, or foul language, and reckless or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.
  16. No pets allowed in the skate park.
  17. Report any damage/hazardous conditions to Community Services at (909) 334-3256.
  18. Report illegal activity to Chino Police Department at (909) 628-1234. For an emergency, call 911.
  19. Failure to adhere to skate park and park regulations can result in loss of facility privileges and/or citation.
  20. All rules to be enforced per Chino Municipal Code Section 10.24.


The posted skate park regulations are to be followed at all times.
Violation of the regulations may result in the immediate closure of the skate park.