The Preserve

The Preserve is an area of approximately 5,435 acres of former and existing farm and dairy property located south of Kimball Avenue, north of State Route 71, west of Hellman Avenue, and east of Euclid Avenue. The area was annexed to the City of Chino in July 2003. Approximately half of the area will consist of residential, commercial, industrial and airport-related development. The other half will remain as open space, for natural, recreational, and agricultural uses.

The vision of The Preserve Specific Plan is a community based on a mixture of residential neighborhoods focused around a lively community core and a regional commercial center. The development will be inter-connected with a multi-purpose open space feature, using a series of paseos and trails, and will be integrated with the Chino Airport. There will be a range of housing types with equestrian estates, contemporary apartments and condominiums, and entry-level housing-all with a unique sense of place and identity.

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  1. Examples of Current Developments
  2. Specific Plan
  3. Design Guidelines
  4. Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

Examples of Current Developments

Citrus Commons